Addressing needs through partnership and cooperation
Small African Girl Washing Her Hands At The Village Well

Berny’s Hope Foundation is a non-governmental organization. This NGO has been in existence for some years already and has empowered a lot of individuals, families, and communities since 2017. We continue to provide our help and commit ourselves to the people needing help to overcome their life issues. Our organization ensures that every community is given the proper resources and attention.

Berny’Hope Foundation is a US 501-C Charity and is registered with the government of Sierra Leone through the Corporate Affairs Commission.

The Founder, President and CEO is Madam Bernadette Sanko Kamara.

Berny’s Hope Foundation exists to give hope to the less privileged people and communities. Berny is the alias form of Bernadette, but it also means to redeem in the Themne language. Berny’s Hope has been redeeming many women and communities from abject poverty through sustainable livelihood skills

From 2000 to date, Berny’s Hope Foundation has carried/carrying out the following:

  1. A 10-acre farm project for over 50 women in Mange Acre, Thombo and Kiamp (Upper Marampa)
  2. Micro credit to more than 200 women in the above mentioned communities, Marampa Chiefdom
  3. Construction of 3 water wells, a 20-classroom school School and Mosque in Mondor in the Lungi area, Port Loko District
  4. Construction of a water well and a State of the Art Hospital in Njala Komboya, Bo District. An area that needs a really good need of help.
  5. Construction of several water wells in Lunsar township; toilet and wash facilities; micro credit to more 300 women. Currently building a mortuary and six toilets, two bathrooms, and other facilities at the Kamara Lane Mosque.
  6. Giving of micro credit to 52 women at Rogbere and 48 women at Robonka (lower Marampa)
  7. Two brand new tractors for community farming for generational wealth. These tractors are offered to communities free of charge alongside fuel and seedlings free for the less fortunate in our communities. Berny’s Hope Foundation pays for all the bills and services. To date, we have farm hundreds of acres of land for rice farming to the communities free of charge.
Our Mission

We commit ourselves to improve the lives of the less fortunate families and communities by sharing with them the resources they need for their daily activities. We connect with more people, businesses, and public sectors to continue our service and expand our help to more communities needing help.

Our Vision

We look forward to helping more people and improving their lives by strengthening our will, capacities, and connections. We also hope to become a channel to share their situation with the world and allow more help to come for them.

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